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(squeeze on my butt)

[18 Nov 2005|12:58pm]
Hollertronix/Never Scared/Track 02.

(squeeze on my butt)

its my prerogative. [04 Nov 2005|04:11pm]
You scored as Existentialist. Existentialism emphasizes human capability. There is no greater power interfering with life and thus it is up to us to make things happen. Sometimes considered a negative and depressing world view, your optimism towards human accomplishment is immense. Mankind is condemned to be free and must accept the responsibility.










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(squeeze on my butt)

[27 Oct 2005|01:18pm]
When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you.

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[20 Oct 2005|08:03pm]
kevin rescued our missing now dead cat out of the sewer and put him in a trashbag and into a shoebox last night. who does that? a good friend. a really good fucking person.

(squeeze on my butt)

[07 Oct 2005|01:11pm]
check fountains of mclean for apartment hunt.

(squeeze on my butt)

[30 Sep 2005|03:11pm]
Freudian Inventory Results
Oral (36%) you appear to be stubbornly and irrationally against receiving help even when it might be the more intelligent option.
Anal (23%) you appear to be overly lacking in self control and organization, and possibly have a compulsive need to defy authority. If you are too scatterbrained, you will not develop much as a person as you will habitually switch paths before you ever learn anything.
Phallic (33%) you appear to have negative issues regarding sexuality and/or have an uncertain sexual identity.
Latency (43%) you appear to have a good balance of abstract knowledge seeking and practicality, dealing with real world responsibilities while still cultivating your abstract and creative faculties and interests.
Genital (60%) you appear to be somewhere between a progressive/openminded and regressive/closeminded outlook on life.
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(squeeze on my butt)

[30 Sep 2005|01:06pm]
I have recently decided that Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is my new favorite perfume. It makes me be all up in-love and shit. I don't know, I hardly ever wear perfume - but I like to when I kind find something light and playful. Its very subtle - but jesus christ .. I swear this perfume makes my day go by easier and faster.

I got paid - $1, 178.00. !!.

Opening up a checking account and apartment hunting with Kevin tomorrow.
My days hold promise these days, you have no idea how good I feel.

(squeeze on my butt)

[26 Sep 2005|02:52pm]


(squeeze on my butt)

[22 Sep 2005|07:18pm]
so .. i already hate my job. it makes my back hurt. i'd rather be aching from a sore back from doing actual work [ like teaching a ballet class. ] than just matching invoices to checks all day. not only do i do that - but i open mail. i don't mind that as much - i get to use colored markers to circle things. no wonder why there was an opening for this position. this is so easy. so taxing. so fucking boring. i am hard up for the money .. holy shit my back hurts. someone should find me a job where i can make at least as much as i am making now or MORE doing something a little more creative. i want to move out of my house. with my salary i can. i can live like a king. maybe i will get better and faster at this and will have time to spare and not complain. i get hot flashes from getting so antsy and frustrated with tedious crappppp work. i find myself dreaming a lot while sitting here. i waste a lot of time creating anagrams and writing in my journal. i try to sneak my book in from time to time. my boss tells me i cannot have instant messenger at work .. that i should instead use yahoo messenger. who uses that? it'll never happen.

i just wanna dance.

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[22 Sep 2005|12:05pm]
remember that song

'hi, my name is joe.'
'and i work innnn a button factory ..'
'i got a wife and a dog and a family ..'
'one day, my boss said to me, 'are you busy joe?' i said 'no.'
'so, push this button with your left leg.'

.. and then you like pushed whatever button with whatever extremity you were instructed to push with. at the end of the song you looked really silly and felt really exhausted but it never really mattered because by the end whoever your audience happened to be at that time were so stricken with how either annoying you were or how coordinated you could be depending on difficulty level. i liked pushing the button with my tongue. i'd do it in my dentist's office for the receptionist. i would always get immediate service.

(squeeze on my butt)

[21 Sep 2005|12:04pm]

Wednesday 28 @ 10:00 in Baltimore/ The Talking Head.

I am a little excited.

(squeeze on my butt)

[20 Sep 2005|11:17am]
Want my heart to break if it must break in your jaws.

(squeeze on my butt)

[19 Sep 2005|07:49pm]
I don't care how hungry I get or how bad the cravings are - I will not bring another reeses not apostrophe 's' peanut butter cup into my car. I never get to eat them.

(squeeze on my butt)

[16 Sep 2005|04:12pm]

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[15 Sep 2005|04:08pm]
Hey .. you kow that feeling you get when you really miss someone you haven't or don't get to see often. You think about them and where they live now. You make plans to go see them but they never work out. My heart aches for this person and I really wish there was something I could do for everytime I told him I would go down [and get my labia on] and visit him but never did. Mike is the one person I genuinely get and get along with and never have a boring time.

I love you Mikey.

Deerhoof, the aformentioned geeeeeeenious band, this weekend IN Richmond.
I'm pretty happy about everything and getting my weekends to myself again.

I have a great boyfriend, great hair, and a vagina that bleeds.
I couldn't really ask for anything more.

Maybe juicy couture blazer ..

but overall .. I feel like a lil' bear eating some honey and drinking some beers.

(squeeze on my butt)

[14 Sep 2005|06:53pm]
Deerhoof show this weekend in Richmond.

free music: http://music.ibiblio.org/pub/multimedia/puzzle/deerhoof/

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[13 Sep 2005|04:22pm]
My work is so much work. I cannot believe how meticulous this shit is. I am typing right now with a rubber finger on my right index finger and sore ass wrists and lower back. Don't get me wrong, though - other than the aching body parts this job is challenging .. sort of. Its challenging enough for 12.50/hr. ;) I also get to wear jeans and flip flops. I am NOT complaining.

Oh shit .. my company got me balloons today. HAHA

Back to work!

(squeeze on my butt)

my favorite site. [12 Sep 2005|12:03pm]


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i always find myself feeling like i am watching the OC [07 Sep 2005|12:32pm]
with uglier characters and plots in serious needs of a little touch of color.

(squeeze on my butt)

i am sticky stuck all over. please go away, its all over. [01 Sep 2005|04:14pm]
i really wish i were more excited and interested in more people and asked a million questions and remembered birthdays. i wish i didn't ruin potential friendships. i'm a professional bridge burner. i could maybe start a business with my skillful fucking ability to get someone to never want to speak to me again.

gasoline is 3 dollars and 9 cents. i am leaving for new york tomorrow; I'M DRIVING. No buying gas!
i need to buy cigarettes before i get out of virginia.

i start my new job on the 12th.
i need to look professional.

maybe i could start being a good friend, too.
my to-do list is surprisingly heafty.

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